CAT6 External- DPA81051EXT

HDPE Insulated UTP, FTP, STP and External rated

CCTV, Network Solutions, Access Control, Data Transmission.

Specification Sheet:
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U/UTP cable – category 6- 4 Pair Unshielded – PVC+PE Sheath

Category: U/UTP CAT6-4P-PVC+PE

Test Standard: ISO/IEC11801、TIA- 568-C.2、YD/T1019



Material: SOLID-BareCopper
Nom. O.D. (mm): 0.570

Up: +0.005
Down: -0.005


Material: HDPE

A. Blue, White-Blue
B. Orange, White-Orange
C. Green, White-Green
D. Brown, White-Brown

Inner Jacket:

Material: PVC Color According to the requires Technical Performance (100m):
Thickness: 0.55±0.05 mm


Thickness: 0.6±0.05 mm
External: O.D. 7.5±0.5 mm
Surface: Clean, Frap, Satiation
Material: LDPE (complies RoHS)
Color: Black

Surface Printing:

Letter height: 3.0±0.3mm
Color: White
Print error & Space: ≤±0.5%, 1m

Packing: Plywood Spool + Carton Box

Carton Dimension: According to the requires

Packing Length: 500±1.5m

Rip-cord: Yes
Drain Wire: No

Out Jacket Physical Properties:

Before Aging:

Tensile Strength: (Mpa) ≥10.0
Elongation: (%) ≥350

Aging Period (°C×hrs): 100°C×24h×10d
After Aging Elongation: (%) ≥300
Cold bend (-20±2°C×4h): No visible cracks

Electrical Characteristics (20°C):

Characteristic impedance (Ω): 100±15
Delay Shew 20°C(ns/100m): ≤45
DC Resistance 20°C(Ω/100m) max: 9.5
DC Conductor Resistance Unbalance (%)max: 5.0

Identification: TYCAB NZ DPA81051EXT CAT6 UTP EXTERNAL N1155 <MM>