About Us

Tycab NZ is the leading specialised distributor of premium quality electrical cable products.

We’ve earned our reputation as a stable, reputable and reliable supplier with our firm commitment to maintaining the highest standards
in production and customer service. This is achieved through careful & comprehensive work instructions, employee training, and
continuous improvement of its management systems.

We are constantly designing and innovating new high-quality products and all employees are actively involved in the performance of the
company. They’re each responsible for the product or service they provide to internal and external customers and are regularly provided
with training to ensure a high level of competence.

Quality & Compliance

Using inferior non-compliant cable is not only extremely dangerous, but can also cost millions in replacements, reinstallations and lawsuits.

That’s why Tacab’s cables are produced with the highest levels of quality assurance and compliance. Most are produced at our Melbourne factory
using Australian copper tested with regularly maintained and calibrated equipment.

Our quality policy and quality management system is designed to comply with AS/NZS/ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems. It’s this
commitment to quality that makes Tycab stand out.

Our Story

Tycab New Zealand is a member of the Tyree Group of companies founded by Sir William Tyree OBE (1921 – 2013). Sir William started his first business in Sydney which later expanded into manufacturing throughout Australia and New Zealand, producing a diverse range of electrical products. Over time he became an icon of the industry in both countries and invested into numerous philanthropic activities.

His business interests were passed on to a charitable trust and 50% of the annual profits go the Tyree Foundation whose sole purpose is to continue his work by donating funds to medical, engineering, education & research organizations.

Sir William was always an innovator. Never accepting the status quo, he was always seeking a better way to do things. His will to achieve has left a proud legacy with his companies and the many engineers he inspired through his philanthropic investments. Beneficiaries of these ongoing donations include Sydney University, the University of NSW, University of Wollongong and numerous other charities who provide funding for medical research and support to the disabled.

Due to the unique structure of the Tyree Group of companies, we are able to reinvest the remainder of our profits into sustaining the businesses for the long term. The Tyree Trust and its businesses are overseen by an independent board of directors and trustees, including the highly experienced Mr Ralph Waters.

How We Operate Ethically

We are committed to our Zero Harm initiative to make a positive contribution to both the community and the environment.

ISO 14001 is a set of guidelines to help companies and organizations of all kinds looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.

REACH addresses the potential of chemical substances to impact the health of both humans and the environment.

RoHS restricts the use of specific hazardous materials.

Tycab only purchases from approved smelters who are stringently audited to maintain their status. This allows us to know that we are not inadvertently supporting mass genocide, suffering, slavery and/or inhumane conditions for a piece of cable. This is another reason why the majority of our products come from our factory in Australia.