RG59 + 2 x 0.75mm² Diamond – CCE59275

Low-density Polyethylene Insulation

CCTV, Signal cable.

Specification Sheet:
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Composite cable consisting of 1 x RG59B/U – 75 ohm coaxial cable plus 2 x 0.75mmsq cores 75c PVC insulated.
Product type: RG59 Composite Cable.



Coaxial: 1 strand of 0.58 mm Plain Annealed Copper Drawn from Class 110A copper to AS1574.
Conductor Tolerance 0.574 +/-0.025.

0.75MM Cores: 24 strands of 0.2mm nom Plain Annealed copper to AS1125 drawn from Class 110A copper to AS1574. Max. DC.
resistance at 20c :26.0 ohms/km.


Coaxial: Solid Low Density Polyethylene.
Nominal Diameter : 3.60 mm +/-0.1mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 1.5mm.

0.75MM Cores: Coloured PVC type V75 to AS3808.
Nominal diameter: 2.40mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.6 mm.

Coaxial Screen: Plain Annealed Copper Braid to a min. coverage of 94%.(16x7x.16).


Coaxial Sheath: Coloured non contaminating P.V.C
Nominal Diameter: 6.15 mm.

Over Sheath: Coloured 4V75 PVC to AS3808 over 1 X Black Coaxial +
1. Red and 2. Black 24/2 cores.
Nominal Diameter : 12.6 x 7.8 mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.76mm.
Diamond in shape.

Identification: Printed on the sheath – TYCAB RG59 Composite Oval CCTV cable CCE59275B – metre marked.