1 x 0.75mm² – FVT12402

250/440V V90HT PVC insulated

Wiring of Communications, Electronic Equipment and Switchboards.

Specification Sheet:
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24/.2 (0.75mmsq, 7.5amp) Tinned Annealed Copper.
V90HT PVC insulated. Unprotected single core.
250/440 VOLT to AS/NZS3191.


Conductor: 24 strands of 0.2mm nom. Tinned Annealed Copper drawn from Class 110A copper to AS/NZS1574.
Max. D.C. resistance at 20C: 26.7 ohms / km.

Insulation: Coloured P.V.C. type V90HT to AS/NZS3808 – 1998.
Nominal Diameter: 2.40 mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.60 mm.

Identification: Indented into the insulation at max. 200mm: “TYCAB HT90”