2 x 6mm² – WWS27104

UV Stabilised Polypropylene Insulated

Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems

Specification Sheet:
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2 Core Flat IRRIGATION control cable 7/1.04 ( 6.0 mm sq) .T.A.C.W.
75c P.V.C insulated & UV Stabilised Polypropylene Sheathed.
Extra Low Voltage Not for Mains Connection.


Conductor: 7 strands of 0.85 mm Tinned Annealed Copper to AS1125 drawn from Class 110A copper to AS1574.
Max. D.C. resistance at 20C : 3.11 ohms / klm.

Insulation: Coloured V75 P.V.C. to AS3808.
Nominal Diameter : 6.1mm.
Nom. Wall Thickness: 1.5mm.

Core Colours:
1. Red
2. Black

Sheath: Coloured UV Stabilised Polypropylene.

Nominal Dimensions :8.7 x 15.0 mm.
Nom. Wall Thickness: 1.15 mm.