2 x 0.22mm² LSZH & Braided – DCX27020

Data Grade Polypropylene insulated RS422
Data Communication, Balanced Mode, Low Capacitance.

Specification Sheet:
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Data Control Cable
P/O: DCX27020

Design of Cable: LSZH Tinned Braided Data (BEL9841 EQUIV)
Inner Conductor: 7/0.20±0.005mm Tinned bare copper
Insulation: PE
Colour: Blue/White White/Blue
Dia: Ø1.8±0.1mm
Twisted: Two wires twisted to one pair
Twisted Lay Length: 57mm
Shield: AL foil overlapped, AL foil outside
Drain Wire: 7/0.20±0.005mm Tinned bare copper
Braiding: 112/0.12±0.003mm Tinned bare copper
Braiding Coverage: 90%
Jacket: LSOH
Colour: Grey
Dia: Ø6.55±0.2mm
Wall Thickness: ≈0.9mm
Printing: According to customer
20°C Electric data:
Conductor Resistance: ≤85.0 Ohm/km
Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: ≈48pf/M
Impedance: 120 Ohm±15
Other Requirements:
Permissible Temperature: -20°C—-75°C
Packing: 1000M On non-returnable Spool
Test Standard: This Technical Data Sheet