1 x 39.55mm² – ABC1492032 (1 B&S)

V90 PVC insulated

Battery and Starter cable

Specification Sheet:
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492/0.32 (39.55 mmsq – 1 B&S) Plain Copper Wire Automotive Battery cable.
60-Volt V90 PVC. Not for Mains Connection.
Oxygen Free Copper. RoHS compliant PVC.


Conductor:492 strands of 0.32 mm Plain Annealed Copper to AS/NZS1125 drawn from Class 102 copper to AS/NZS1574.
Max. D.C. resistance at 20C: 0.6 ohms / km.
Typical conductor diameter: 8.35 mm.

Insulation: Coloured P.V.C. type V90 to AS/NZS3808.
Nominal Diameter: 12.1 mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 1.7 mm.

Reference Standards:
AS/NZS3808 PVC compound type.
AS/NZS1125 Conductor Tolerances.
AS/NZS1574 Copper Type.
SAE J1127 Minimum cross-section conductor area and minimum wall thickness.

Amp Rating @ 30°C: 210

Derating Factors for Ambient Temperatures °C
Temperature 30 40 50 60 70
Factor 1 0.9 0.76 0.6 0.45