4 x 0.63mm² (EXT026) – TFX41063

High-density polyethylene insulated


Specification Sheet:
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2 Pair Underground Telephone Cable – HDPE Insulation, LLDPE Sheath

Part Number: TFX41063

Description: 2Pair lead in telephone cable for underground, Jelly filled
Oxygen Free Copper

Cable printing: TYCAB NZ – EXT. 2 PAIR TELEPHONE LEAD IN UNDERGROUND + Meter marking


Material: Annealed Oxygen Free Copper
Nom. O.D: 0.63±0.005mm


Material: Colored HDPE
Nom. O.D: 1.09±0.05mm
Nom. Wall Thickness: 0.23mm
Color code and lay length:
Pair 1: White / Blue, Lay length 60mm
Pair 2: Red / Black, Lay length 65mm
2 pairs twisted together

Filling Compound: Dry jelly


Material: Black LLDPE
Nom. External O.D: Min. 5.4mm, Max. 6.6mm
Nom. Wall Thickness: 0.9±0.05mm
Cable Finish: Oval shape, Min. 5.4mm, Max. 6.6mm

Electrical Performance:

Inner conductor DCR @ 20C: 57 Ω / Km
Insulation resistance @ 20C: 15000MΩ. Km
Max recommended voltage: 110 VDC
Capacitance between wires of a pair: 43.8 nF / Km