2 x 10mm² – H1Z2Z2-K2X10

EN50618/IEC62930 131
XLPO insulated 1.5kV DC Only

Recreational Vehicle and Solar Panel Installations.

Specification Sheet:
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2 X 80/0.4 (10mmsq). Tinned Copper Wire.
Halogen-Free Insulated & Halogen Free Sheathed in Twin format.
Certified to EN50618/IEC62930. TUV
1.5kV dc -40c to 90c.


Conductor: 80 strands of 0.4mm nom. tinned Annealed Copper.
Max. D.C. resistance at 20C: 1.95 ohms / km.

Insulation: Coloured Halogen Free Low Smoke Flame Retardant XLPO.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.67 mm.

Core Colours:
1. Black
2. Red

Sheath: Black with red polarity stripe on side of red core.
Halogen Free Low Smoke Flame Retardant.
Single Double Insulated (TWIN) configuration.
Nominal Dimensions: 17.3 x 8.5 mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.83 mm.

Identification: Printed on sheath in contrasting colour – TYSOLA XLPO insulated TUV 2pfG 1169 2 x 10MM2 1.5kV DC UV STABLE DC USE ONLY – DO NOT DISCONNECT UNDER LOAD 001M >I<