1 x 1.5mm² – BVD1705

V90HT PVC Insulated 0.6/1KV

For use in Switchboards, Building and Power Cable 0.6/1KV

Specification Sheet:
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7/.5 (1.5mmsq) Plain Annealed Copper
V90HT 0.6/1kv single core unprotected to AS5000.1


Conductor: 7 strands of 0.5mm nom. Plain Annealed Copper drawn from Class 110A copper to AS/NZS1574.
Max. D.C. resistance at 20C: 13.6 ohms / km.

Insulation: Coloured P.V.C. type V90HT to AS/NZS3808.
Nominal Diameter: 3.1 mm.
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm.

Identification: indented into the insulation – TYCAB HT90 0.6/1KV.

Current Rating* AMPS: 21
*Amp Ratings are to AS/NZS3008 unenclosed space at 40°C refer to AS/NZS 3008 for derating factors.

Voltage Drop mV/Am at Max Operating Temp.
Single Phase: 33.03
Three Phase: 28.60